About - Sunny Bunny Gardens

Welcome to Sunny Bunny Garden's! We aim to give you the best SPA experience in your home, in every shower, with handmade, all natural soap bars!

Nice to meet you, we are Sunny Bunny Garden’s!
We’re an all natural soap shop- dedicated to making the best scents, using the best materials, to make sure that your skin is healthy, well taken care of, feels good to the touch- and smells amazing! We always try to do more for our clients, and we work hard on breaking the myth that scented natural soaps are only for women! We have a whole collection of special shaving soaps scented for men- so anyone could benefit from our years of experience making awesome soap bars!

Made in the USA!
We make our natural soap bars right here in the USA! All of our soaps are made in small batches to maintain their high quality, and to make sure that they meet the highest of standards. As our soap collection is made only from natural products, and in a natural manual process, our soap bars and spa-packages are a unique and fresh gift idea for vegans!

We are a 100% Cruelty FREE brand!
Making natural vegan soaps- is a way of life! By respecting the world around us, we respect our bodies… Knowing that there’s no need to harm any living creature in our daily efforts to stay clean and healthy!

The story behind the Bunny…
The natural way of Sunny Bunny Garden’s started with Christine De La Torre (AKA- me). I had my small garden to keep me busy, and on it, right in my backyard, I started growing vegetables! Seeing them grow so naturally had me thinking- what if I could make my own natural soap? That thought led to an action plan! My husband and I decided to move to a bigger property, one that had a full-sized garden to
groom, as well as a small orchard. In my garden work… I wasn’t alone! My cat, Sunny Bunny, followed me around everywhere, drawn by the smell of the earth, and soil
became our garden- hence the name- Sunny Bunny Garden’s.

Natural soaps for people with problematic or damaged skin...
Like most small businesses I started with me and my surroundings. After making some unique soap bars for me, along with some extra special soaps for friends
who had very sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin are highly likely to “rash” from soaps that contain chemicals, and as mine were only made with natural ingredients- half the problems were solved there! Nowadays, this passion of mine has grown so much beyond my expectations, and I find myself helping people find soaps that are biodegradable, free of parabens, and safe for all skin types. All of the ingredients I use in making these soaps are vegan & hypoallergenic. The fragrance and scent comes from natural oils that are phthalate-free and FDA certified for cosmetic and skincare use. The only added ingredient is sodium hydroxide, a key-must ingredient in making soap.

Giving back!
It wasn't enough to make products that are 100% VEGAN, so we decided to give back. In the past several years we’ve found comfort in donating a portion of our shop’s
revenue to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and Toby's Legacy Equine Rescue.

Thank you for stopping by!
Warm regards,
Christine D. & Sunny Bunny :)

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